The Sad Darkness of thy Love – Last Dance for a Slow Decay… (Ep 2010 Epitaph)

For followers of the Goth Industrial & Funeral Doom, this is the final work of the first band of the label, the band that give life to projects as F.I.N., Say Just Words & Frustrations Emotions.

We will remember you by the rest of our life and we will make that the people know your work.

Thanks for all the memories and the inspiration to follow on it.

The Band Said:

Last Dance for a Slow Decay…

This one is the end to an epoch, to 6 years frustrated for extracting this project improve.

Is time to close this stage, of closing my eyes and to resign myself to accepting that it’s out of my hand… and to continue the desolate path of our lives.

This is Epitaph of The Sad Darkness of thy Love


Ver todas las fotos | Last Dance for a Slow Decay... (EPITAPH - EP 2010) Design by posmoTHE51GN out on August under FunerART | The Sad Darkness of thy Love | FunerART - The Experimental\/Chilean label,INVocacIón,Say Just Words,F I N - 1st LP Available NOW under SABBATHID RECs,Dios Incandescente,A.b.o.u.t.T.h.e.L.i.g.h.t.,Beautiful Metal Queen,Morthem Vlade Art,Dismal Euphony,Dismal Euphony,Diary of Dreams,Draconian,SOXPAN,Zaraza,BITTERDUSK,TRANSIT,FALLING ANGELS,doomtenebras,Mick Mercer,Convulsiones,ESCENA,Denun,Vena Kava,DIRTY SHIRTY,Nerve Recordings,Lillitu™,Metal Blade Records,Lilith and the Virgins of Therion,Lethian Dreams,Doom Dealer \/ The Church Within Records
Last Dance for a Slow Decay
EP 2010



From here, we will follow with our projects and bands, our most important bands are:


Thanks for all the support from the 2004″

Enjoy this Last Ep!


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