NEW RELEASE! posmodroom: the last days of modernshit

We have the honor to release for free the first posmodroomic compilation inspired in the work of F.I.N. & (((O))) from long years ago until the current present and we’re sure that their will give it to the future.

A.B. the man behold the postmodernist doom band F.I.N. has send us some words about this compilation:

5 year ago we call ourself as postmodernist doom and with the time, (((O))) from mexico was the first who add to this 3 years ago. We do and Feat/Lp called “El ciclo de la Impotencia de la Conciencia” and we call that sound posmodroom.

After that new bands are add to this and work for make growing this unusual shape of music. Bands as No Heaven (France), Frustration Emotions (Chile) and Overhaul In Damnation (Singapore) was the first support on it.

Now, FunerART left they condition as label and are redefine herself as an art collective for bring a good support to the “posmodroomic vision”… For that, their new name is FunerART posmoGROUP.

They are released a very great compilation called “posmodroom: the last days of modernshit” that contain only support from 26 posmodroomic artist from the world.

That’s amazing!

Thanks to all the bands that appear here!

You can download totally free this V/A here

Disc: posmodroom: the last days of modernshit

Year: 2011

Label: FunerART posmoGROUP


1 ABOUTTHELIGHT – Edignat Iantem Qvibvs Henihil 13:01

2 Egregora Mortem – AND TAKES FLESH INSIDE HER 10:10

3 Knight of White Triangle (KOWT) – COLOSSUS 8:25

4 Vortex – Denying Light 7:51

5 Dios Incandescente – L’chant malade 11:08

6 Art Of Empathy – The Source 6:01

7 Demiurge – The Darkest Crime 4:37

8 FIN – December March 6:55

9 Despondent Chants – Withered Garden 7:32

10 (((O))) – Animal triangular 6:50

11 Cadavra – Encadenado al Tiempo 3:21

12 Nightless – A Transcendental End Soon… 3:07

13 Funeral Memories – Dronersation (Feat FRUSTRATION EMOTION – DIOS INCANDESCENTE ) 6:53

14 A Death Cinematic – when the sun settles into the horizon we remeber our rivers 7:53

15 Sombre Cosmos – La Puanteur Du Charnier 4:24

16 Overhaul In Damnation – Incessant Abomination 6:19

17 Fliegend – Kapitel II_ Ich blute 7:03

18 Animvs Mortis – Dying Murmur 5:32

19 Frustration Emotions – CVESTA ARRIVA 10:24

20 No Heaven – Devagandhâri & Svara 5:54

21 Templvm Domini – HERMAPHERION 13:49

22 Winds Devouring Me – Adios Dul 9:11

23 Assyrian – Impromptu 5:08

24 Flegethon – Lost Paradise pt.II 7:49

25 Homunculo – Sereal-Doom 8:56

26 La Mancha del Pecado – Rita Guerrero 9:34

Thanks to all and to you by the GREAT SUPPORT ON ALL TIME!!!


NEW RELEASE: K.O.W.T. (postmodernist doom)

Black/Drone/Funeral Doom/Experimental Electronic/Noise (Postmodernist doom) from Iberoamerica

A sequel to the posmocreation is here, the breed of the order from the last frontier, the change… is here.


K.O.W.T. (Knight of White Triangle)

Influenced by the work made by F.I.N. (Funeral Inconsciententemente Natural) from Chile & (((O))) from Mexico, this project make and follow the line of the pioneer’s on this genre that mix the Ambient, Drone, Funeral Doom, Dark, Experimental Electronic and other Avant-Gard. They called it as “Postmodernist Doom” and “posmodroom” is the short expression about itself.

K.O.W.T. (Knight of White Triangle) will released his first Ep soon under FunerART ( & Oracle (

Enjoy it!

Free releases 2007-2008

FA 009-1  – No Heaven/Fliegend: By the Death Course Map we are Looking for our Agony


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Split that unit the Drone sound of France with the Black/Drone doom sound of Chile. Split solid in deep atmosphere by part of NO HEAVEN and FLIEGEND


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The Awaited promosampler with some of the bands that are part in the label of Funerary Art.

Download PART 1 in VBR ZIP /// Download PART 2 in VBR ZIP

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FA 007-1  – FALLING ANGELS: Nativity


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EP Promo of FALLING ANGELS, that from Santiago carriers of an own style and powerful Dark Metal

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FA 004-2  – DIOS INCANDESCENTE: Reclusorio Voluntario


Free Image Hosting at

Single debut of DIOS INCANDESCENTE, an Ambient/Experimental/Funeral Doom from Santiago of Chile

Dowload Free
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FA 003-1  – FUNERAL MEMORIES / DIOS INCANDESCENTE: Surrendered to the Abscent of Feeling…


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Split betwen two projects of Doom Voice Estudios. FUNERAL MEMORIES and his Minimal/Drone/Doom with DIOS INCANDESCENTE and his Infernal/Drone Funeral/Doom

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FA 001-1  – FRUSTRATION EMOTIONS: Remembrar a Aseidad


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First LP from the experimental/Psychedelic/Drone/Doom solo project FRUSTRATION EMOTIONS, Over 40 minutes in 4 deep and retrospective tracs from Santiago/Chile
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Review::: INVOCACIÓN (1st Latin American Drone & Funeral Doom Compilation)

Review::: INVOCACIÓN (1st Latin American Drone & Funeral Doom Compilation)

Escrito por Luthien

Layil 12 de Octubre de 2009

Tengo en mis manos la obra del sello funerario que busca reunir y mostrar la creatividad sonora Latina en cuanto a Drone y Funeral Doom respecta.

Es habitual preguntarse que diablos es esto, muchos diran que no existe o que en Latinoamerica no hay bandas de estas ramas. INVOCACIÓN fue hecho para llamar a todas las bandas de estos géneros y así buscar consolidar la escena, unificar y mostrar al mundo que somos capaces de tener una identidad sonora tan o más desarrollada que el mundo primermundista.

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REVIEW::: La Creación Humana – Frustration Emotions (Lp 2009)

REVIEW::: La Creación Humana – Frustration Emotions (Lp 2009)

Escrito por Luthien Layil 6 de Septiembre de 2009

Frustration Emotions
Lp Double Disc 2009 – FunerART

Como una amante a la musica experimental de corte minimal (Sí, soy de esas que ama a Steve Reich, Kraftwerk, Heldon, etc…) poco a poco fui victima del Drone y el Atmosphere, precipitandome al maravilloso y delirante mundo de la Experimental Electronic Music. Así conocí a Jesu, Envy, Boris, No Heaven, Nadja, FIN, Funeral Memories, etc… hasta que revisando el store de FunerART llegué a Frustration Emotions, su nombre ya era sugerente, pero noté que sólo tiene 2 discos, cosa que me parece extraño en una banda Drone y que es influenciada por gente tan hiperactiva como (((O))), F.I.N., No Heaven, etc… quienes comparten sello con él y en más de una ocasión han ayudado. Uno de sus dos discos es completamente digital y fue la primera obra que publicó el sello FunerART y la otra es nueva. Continue reading