NEW RELEASE: K.O.W.T. (postmodernist doom)

Black/Drone/Funeral Doom/Experimental Electronic/Noise (Postmodernist doom) from Iberoamerica

A sequel to the posmocreation is here, the breed of the order from the last frontier, the change… is here.



K.O.W.T. (Knight of White Triangle)

Influenced by the work made by F.I.N. (Funeral Inconsciententemente Natural) from Chile & (((O))) from Mexico, this project make and follow the line of the pioneer’s on this genre that mix the Ambient, Drone, Funeral Doom, Dark, Experimental Electronic and other Avant-Gard. They called it as “Postmodernist Doom” and “posmodroom” is the short expression about itself.

K.O.W.T. (Knight of White Triangle) will released his first Ep soon under FunerART ( & Oracle (

Enjoy it!